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IMO messenger – it’s a great and versatile instant messenger for tablets and phones that

works with MSN, Skype, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, Google Talk, Jabber, MySpace and Facebook. The

interface is also very simple and looks nice, so there is no reason to interrupt from this


Let’s try to understand why is IMO messenger so suited for tablets on Android and iOS, and

Imo iPad

what useful functions and properties offers the program IMO for mobile device users:

  • Using the Internet, you can use the service for free deliveries Instant Messaging and
  • conduct telephone calls.
  • Share files with fairly large amount of memory with other users.
  • Create free and mobile communication and invite friends to the service.
  • Text and video – chat available to an unlimited number of users of the IMO messenger.
  • Ability to perform both simple and video.
  • Support for video conferencing function.
  • Support for voice messages.
  • Ability to share with someone your personal files, and a variety of multimedia content.
  • Sophisticated and pleasant menu.
  • Availability of convenient tools for finding users on the network.
  • High overall performance and responsiveness of the interface.
  • In general, the merits of this application is sufficient to ensure that as soon as you can install it on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Express your emotions with FREE stickers!
  • Simultaneous connection to chat on different devices.
  • Alerts are also included in the app.
  • Support history of correspondences with the built-in search.
Download to iPhone/iPad/Android updated: February 2, 2017 author: admin